CardValet for Debit Card Users

Take control of your Riverside FCU Debit Card with CardValet. CardValet gives you the ability to define when, where and how your card is used. Simply download the CardValet app to your smartphone, then customize usage settings and alert preferences to manage your card.

Watch the detailed instructional video below.

Use the CardValet mobile app to instantly set card preferences, including:

  • Turning the payment card on and off.
  • Setting a location boundary where the card can be used—Example: New York City.
  • Restricting card activity to a 5-mile radius of your current location so the card can be used in the vicinity but nowhere else.
  • Using the card confidently for specific types of purchases and then turning it off after the transactions are complete.
  • Restricting card transactions to specific types of merchants—Example: Enable grocery stores while turning off restaurants.
  • Setting spending limits for every card transaction to keep spending in check.
  • Scheduling instant alerts to be sent each time the card is used.

For more details, check out the CardValet website directly.

The power is in your hands. CARDVALET available for download at:

Google playApple store