FAQs: NetBranch Upgrade for Windows Users

What exactly changed and how did that affect me from connecting to NetBranch?

In an effort to provide the highest level of security for members, we disabled connection to NetBranch from devices using any Transport Layer Security (TLS) less than 1.1.  Any device that is not using TLS 1.1 or higher will not be able to connect to NetBranch.  Today, all recent versions of the major internet browsers provide the option to use TLS 1.1 & higher.

Why was this change made?

The change was made to protect member data against attacks similar to the Poodle attack that occurred last year.  With the use of older TLS versions, a hacker can force a browser to downgrade to an older security version, which is far less secure than today’s standards.  A browser using older TLS versions is vulnerable enough to let hackers spy on the data traveling to and from the computer.

Exactly what browsers/versions will provide the option for TLS 1.1 and higher?

The NetBranch requirements document state that the previous three versions of the browsers listed below are certified and tested for use with NetBranch.  Only the last two versions of the Safari browser are certified.  These browser versions will support the option to use TLS 1.1 and higher, regardless of what operating system they are used on.  Below is a list of the browsers and versions that are certified for use on NetBranch and support TLS 1.1 & higher:

Internet Explorer  9, 10 & 11
Chrome  41, 42 & 43
Firefox  36, 37 & 38
Opera  27, 28 & 29
Safari  7 & 8

Are there older versions of operating systems/ browser combinations that will not support TLS 1.1 & higher?

Yes.  Windows XP and Windows Vista are only capable of upgrading up to Internet Explorer version 8.  Therefore, users of these operating systems using Internet Explore as their browser will not be able to connect to NetBranch.  However, you have the option of loading the latest version of another browser such as Chrome* or Firefox.

*Chrome has announced that they will end new updates for Windows XP as of April 2015.

I am using one of the certified browsers listed above and still cannot connect?

The following steps will aid in determining the issue you may have with connecting to NetBranch as it relates to this change:

  1. Check if TLS 1.1 & 1.2 has been enabled in the browser settings.  Please see the attached document titled – Instructions for enabling TLS 1.1 & TLS 1.2 for instructions on how to enable these options.
  1. If these options are enabled and you still cannot connect,  go to https://www.howsmyssl.com and have them verify what is showing in the Version section on this page.   If they see verbiage similar to what is below and they verified that they have enabled the TLS 1.1 & TLS 1.2 options in the previous step, this could be an indication of an issue with your machine such as a virus or malware. Troubleshoot whatever issue is causing your machine to not have the ability to make the appropriate changes.
  1. Until the “Version” listed when visiting https://www.howsmyssl.com reports “Good”, you will be unable to connect to NetBranch from this machine.

Suggestions for troubleshooting may include:

  1. Determine if you have current antivirus and/or malware protection
    • If “yes” verify the definitions are current and to run a scan. After any issues have been corrected, try https://www.howsmyssl.com” to verify if the version now shows “Good” – if it does then proceed to verify they can access NetBranch.
    • If “no” consider evaluating some of the programs available, some of which are free.  Once current virus/malware scans have run and any issues have been corrected, try https://www.howsmyssl.com to verify if the version now shows “Good” – if it does then proceed to verify the member can access NetBranch
  2. You may want to seek local computer repair, if necessary, to determine what is causing your computer to not report “good” even though they have TLS1.1 and TLS 1.2 options enabled.
  1. If the results of https://www.howsmyssl.com show that TLS 1.1 or 1.2 is enabled – similar to the verbiage below, and you still cannot connect to NetBranch, please contact the credit union directly. Please be ready to provide your Operating System, Browser, Version # and any details on what issue you are having when trying to connect.

I cannot connect directly to NetBranch using my mobile device?

NetBranch is not certified for connecting to mobile devices.  As stated in the NetBranch requirements document, the only devices certified for access to NetBranch are Windows and Apple/Macintosh PC’s and Laptops.

Does this change affect Fiserv Mobiliti?

No.  This change does not affect your ability to use the Mobiliti APP, WAP or SMS channels.