FREE Bill Payment Service. Check out a Demo Here

On April 1st Riverside Federal Credit Union launched a new and enhanced version of our consumer bill payment service. The new service offers many new benefits and features including better cash flow control and the ability to accept electronic bills!

Click Here to view a demo video of what the new bill payment service looks like and how it operates.

You will continue to access Bill Pay through Riverside FCU’s Netbranch link. The majority of your payees were also converted to the new system.  In rare instances, a payee may not have converted. To add a payee, simply go to the Add a Bill tab and follow the instructions.

For transfers to a person or another financial institution, you will need to set up those payments as paying a person or company under the tab.

If you have questions on Bill Pay, you may contact us at 716.875.1747 during regular office hours.