ID Theft

ID Theft Resources

Identity theft and scams are unfortunately a part of our culture and something we need to be prepared for and protect ourselves against. To better protect the privacy of your personal and financial information, Riverside Federal Credit Union would like to keep you informed of potential scams and arm you in protecting your identity.

Tips to Protect Your Personal Information

You can take an active role in protecting your personal information by following these tips:

  • Check your credit report on a regular basis for incorrect or fraudulent information. Visit to retrieve your free report once a year.
  • Immediately shred unsolicited credit card offers
  • Never give personal, credit card or financial account info over the phone unless you initiated the call
  • Never provide financial information to anyone via e-mail
  • Receive e-Statements instead of paper statements, whenever possible
  • Keep your computer antivirus software up to date
  • Be suspicious of any e-mail asking for personal information or containing a link to a website requesting you to enter your personal information such as your name, account number, password, PIN or Social Security Number. Companies should not ask you for this information via an e-mail
  • Never reply to a suspicious or unexpected e-mail informing you that your account will be closed, shut down or made inaccessible unless you confirm your account information. Do not click any links in the e-mail
  • If you are uncertain about the request, contact the company that sent the e-mail through an address or telephone number you know to be genuine
  • Another good source for info about the latest scams and threats is and
  • If you suspect that you unknowingly supplied an untrusted source with your personal or financial information contact us immediately at 716-875-1747 or 1-800-491-0256.


Riverside Federal Credit Union continues to work diligently to keep your account and personal information safe.