Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the way to go. Get your money, and get it fast. Have your paycheck deposited directly into your account – its easy! You can also set-up automatic transfers to other accounts such as a savings account, your children’s accounts, Christmas Club, etc.

Direct Deposit of payroll checks and benefit payments is every bit as safe and reliable as traditional deposit methods, and it’s an easy way to simplify your life.

Direct Deposit is:

  • Reliable – You always know when your check will be deposited (even if you are out of town).
  • Convenient – Saves time and gas. No more driving to the credit union or standing in line.
  • Quick – No waiting for checks to clear. Have access to your funds sooner.
  • Secure – Eliminates the risk of your check being lost or stolen.
  • Free – There is no fee to enroll.

It’s Easy to Sign Up:

  • Get a form from your payroll department at work.
  • Include your RFCU account number.
  • Add the RFCU Routing number. (222080277)
  • Hand the completed form back to payroll, and enjoy the benefits of Direct Deposit at Riverside!

Click Here for a printable Direct Deposit Information form.
This will have the information you need to provide your employer with to set up direct deposit.

To sign up for Direct Deposit of your Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or other Federal benefits go to or call 1-800-333-1795.